Friday, September 3, 2010

I’m back... with a picture HEAVY post :) (edited to add design details)

I was pretty busy lately… :)

This is my first in making a box using cartonnage techniques. It was so much fun! Even though my box is not perfect I am happy with the final result and I’ll keep working on my skills.
The box is for my stitching pal Lisa

Design: Springhtly Dance - Babi’s Treasures
Threads: Nina  
Fabric: 36ct linen

2 biscornus… This time both are for Marjorie

Desing: Ladybug's Lament - The Sweetheart Tree
Fabric: 32ct Linen
Threads: DMC and Caron Waterlilies

Design The Shabby Stitcher
Beads: Mill Hill
Fabric 32ct Linen

Becky hosted a thread holder exchange and my partner was... Becky! Knowing that she is an excellent finisher I was worried that my thread holder will not raise to her expectations. But she wrote me that she loves it! Happy dance!!!!!

Design: Busy Bee Sampler - The Sweetheart Tree
Fabric: 32ct Linen
Thread: DMC
Beads: Mill Hill
Wooden Thread Holder: Hababann Design

And last but not least, the lovely exchanges I’ve received in the last few months and I haven’t shared them with you yet.
Thank you so much to all my exchange partners!
From Emese

Biscornu Exchanges from Marjorie , Shay , Sheila and Bonnie

4th of July Exchange – from Lisa S

And from my dear stitching pal Lisa

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Labor Day to my visitors from the USA!

Michelle -The Shabby Stitcher


Kelly said...

Lovely stitching and beautiful finishing. Congratulations!

Annie said...

You have been busy. Beautiful pieces both given and received.

Fabulous job on the box. Looks perfectly square and symmetric!

Nelli said...

great! Very much it is pleasant!

Kathy said...

Oh my. Such gorgeous stitching and even more beautiful finishings. I don't know where to start! I guess I have to say that I just love the box. It is fabulous! I also love your thread holder. It is awesome!

Nina said...

Michelle, I can't find my words. Your works are so wonderful and awesome! What else can I say? :) I adore all pieces!!
Nina xoxoxox

ya_alla said...
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ya_alla said...

Beautiful and interesting work you have! Good luck!

Ledana said...

Gorgeous stitching!
Never seen before this Sweetheart Tree piece, how it's named?

Michelle S. said...

Thank you so much ladies! Your comments make my day!
Ledana, I've edited my post to add design's name...


Anna Zont said...

Michelle! Your blog is absolutely fabulous! Your works are very interesting! I saw your blog today the first time, and now I am in love with it! :)))

I saw your ready Fresh from the Orchard, this is particularly interesting because it is in my plans but I've never seen it in reality.

Thank you!


Kat said...

How gorgeous! I'm in love with your threadholder! And these pretty's like a fairy-tale!

Meadows08 said...

Beautiful stitching and finishes! I love the note box.

Bonnie said...

Michelle everything is so beautiful. It is like a wonderland. I love the box and I am going to have to try Nina's floss. She has such pretty colors.
I like the Bee Sampler Thread Holder.

Barbi said...

Thank you Michelle! Beautiful box! :D

Lynn B said...

Wow, Michelle I love it all! I particularly love the thread holder, I think I will have a try at making one of those. Nice box too!

Blu said...

You've been very busy with such gorgeous finishes!
I love that box! It's so cute.

unikat said...

That's a pleasure for entry!
Beautiful things created and received. But for me, and in particular the TST biscornu fonaltartó pattern you like, as well as Barbie's model with a notepad. Works perfectly executed! Awesome!

Carolyn NC said...

Just beautiful pieces!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! I know that word is so over used but in this case, it's so appropriate. You have stitched and received some very lovely things over the last few months. I am so far behind on reading blogs. Thanks for sharing; it's very inspiring to see what others have stitched; makes me want to go shopping, LOL!!!

Mayté Bermúdez-García said...

Wow Michelle, this post is full of treasures11

Unknown said...

Such gorgeous work...all of it!

SaraCreations said...

Michele, nu as vrea sa ma fac de ras cu exprimarea mea in engleza asa ca o sa prefer romana :D
Numai tu poti face astfel de lucrusoare! Si mai maruntele si mai marisoare insa toate sunt la fel de frumos lucrate, nuante frumos combinate si sa nu mai spun de faptul ca le prezinti intr-un mod atat de elegant.
Imi plac fotografiile, imi place cadrul ales, imi place rama (apropo, cu ce program lucrezi) , imi place semnatura. Totul este deosebit pana in cel mai mic detaliu.

Intrebare: vad ca inainte de semnatura ai acel C intr-un cerculet- poti sa-mi detaliezi te rog, am studiat problema dar nu am aprofundat. Este semnul legat de drepturile de autor, nu? e suficient sa-l adaugi tu sau trebuie inregistrat la o institutie legalizata?

Wendy said...

Beautiful pieces, how do you make the box?

Unknown said...

this blog is very beautiful !

Vinniey said...

Wow!!! This post is such an eye candy for me. I love love them all, both given and received. Your works are so "romantic" and sweet!